Ionic contamination testers

Ionic contamination testers


Reference: CONTAMINO CT10, CT100, CT1000 Category: Laboratory control


The CT10, CT100 and CT1000 are designed to make simple and accurate ionic contamination test in fully compliance with MILP-28809, MIL-STD- 2000A, EF-STD 10/03, IPC-TR-583, IEC Standards...
These measures are necessary to check the cleanliness of PCBs and assemblies after cleaning, or in case of new solder process parameters (no clean process, conformal coating, lead free alloy with new activator…), for quality control and approval. In humid atmosphere, the ionic contamination is transformed in electrolyte catching moving ions which can create failures on electronic assemblies (dendrites, bad insulation with leakage currents...).
The ionic contamination test will point out these risks, secure accordingly assembly process and will extend life duration, reliability of end product. Process is at first to clean efficiently the specimen using chemistry 2-Propanol and de-ionised water (75/25 or 50/50) while analyzing continuously contamination development in the cleaning solution running in close loop tubing.


- Case STPI
- Case AlbaPCB


  • Control of ionic contamination of PCBs components and processes (with/without cleaning, with/without lead)
  • Compliance with the requirements of MIL, IPC, IEC...
  • 3 equipments, depending on the size of the PCBs :
    • CT 10 Up to 25 x 100 x 150 mm (min. size unique board 20 cm²)
    • CT 100 Up to 80 x 250 x 350 mm (min. size. 100 cm2)
    • CT 1000 Up to 120 x 500 x 660 mm (min. size unique board 500 cm2)